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ARQuest advises your organisation in the area of IT Service and project management.

A clear image of your organisation is a condition to be able to meet your expectations. To get this clear view, we use the techniques of audits and interviews.

Only when the goals are clearly set, can your organisation be helped properly.

Usually the first step is creating awareness. Overcome the "resistance to change" and help employees see the use and benefits of the solution. For this purpose we developed together with one of our partners an efficient approach by means of a game. Both in relation to IT Service Management as to Project Management we also offer training in public domain methodologies like ITIL en PRINCE2.

As soon as people are motivated and trained, we can start the real knowledge transfer. ARQuest is not interested in spending hours and days on your premises, nor to introduce extra manpower at high rates. ARQuest guides your people and solves together with them their problem, and thus transfers knowledge so that you can continue on your own within a measurable time. We believe that only satisfied customers return.

And by doing so, you are sure that our proposed solutions do work.
If you wan technical assistance, ARQuest can make the necessary contacts, or even better, help you with your tender and choice of your supplier.
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