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ARQuest was founded in 2002; a period that wasn’t exactly all roses unless you could offer real added value. "When the going gets tough, the tough get going" was the way of thinking.

Therefore the ARQuest motto is: Do not come up with solutions unless the problem is identified. The often offered golden goose does not exist! That’s why ARQuest first wants to identify the real requirement and only then will give the right answer to the right question. That’s also what our name stands for: ARQuest means Answering the Right Question. And this is only possible when you are independent.

ARQuest stands for a pragmatic and no-nonsense approach. Often “out of the ordinary” solutions outperform the classic approaches. Improving bad performing processes by simple actions can often offer more added value than expensive solutions for non-existing problems.

Meanwhile ARQuest has become a fully fledged partner for your company, working in Belgium, France and The Netherlands. ARQuest specialises in IT Service management and Project management and can assist you in these areas by word and deed. ARQuest highly qualified and posses the necessary ITIL, ISO 20000 and PRINCE2 certificates, but above all, they can count on their experience and sound thought.
For other specialities, ARQuest has some partners in order to help you implement a total solution if you wish so.
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